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Questions related to statistical data about language learning or teaching.

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Does studying university math improve (your ability for) second language acquisition?

I'm asking solely about the direction whether studying math ⇒ improves your competence at acquire second languages (L2). "University math" signifies math that an undergraduate math major ...
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Are there any languages besides English of which teachers are commonly monolingual?

Many teachers of English are monolingual in this language. In job postings, it is seldom required that they be at all conversational in the language of the country where they are to be employed. If ...
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What is the fastest known time a person went from not knowing to fluently proficient in a language?

I'm wondering what statistics, if any, are available about some of the fastest known times for the acquisition of a 2nd+ language (from zero knowledge, to some "average" level of fluency and ...
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How many US 6th-12th grade students are learning a foreign language?

I'm putting together some market analysis for a business plan for language instruction for the demographic of 6th - 12th grade US students (middle through high school). From various sources online I'...
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