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Questions tagged [dutch]

Questions about learning or teaching Dutch, a Germanic language mainly spoken in the Netherlands and in the northern part of Belgium (where it is sometimes called Flemish).

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Dutch language exams, CNaVT certificates versus NT2 certificates

I am interested in comparing the CNaVT's "Maatschappelijk Formeel (FORM) – B1" certificate to the Nt2's "Programme I" certificate in terms of their difficulty. Moreover, I am ...
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Natural method book for Dutch?

Does anyone know of a book for learning Dutch by the natural method or something like it please? I'm thinking of something like Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata or Erstes Deutches Buch.
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How to write an actionable sentence in the Dutch language?

I'm trying to improve my GTD system and a recurring suggested theme is to make your goals actionable. Things like "Repair laptop, cleanup kitchen, buy milk, call mother' all start with the verb ...
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