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For questions related to using only the foreign language to teach the foreign language. (The direct method is a language teaching method; there is no learning method that goes by this name.)

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Has the "direct method" of language learning been shown to be superior to translation-based methods?

The textbook I'm using to learn Latin, called Lingua Latina per se Illustrata, is an example of the "direct method" of language instruction. The text is entirely written in Latin, and progresses ...
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of direct methods (using only the target language)?

Native speakers do not learn their native language with the help of an other language. Maybe direct methods are better to reach similar level of proficiency. But books that use a direct method are ...
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Is there a direct-method video series for Hebrew?

I found this video series a while ago that teaches Esperanto by only speaking Esperanto. It starts with simple phrases and then builds up from there. Does something like this exist for Hebrew? I ...
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About Inductive-Contextual method [duplicate]

I am currently reading Lingva Latina per se illustrata, by Oerberg. It follows the Inductive-Contextual method, which I find quite pleasant and effective. I have not found, however, books using this ...
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Sanskrit learning

I want to learn Sanskrit using the direct method. I'm looking for the book similar to Latin Lingua Latina per se illustrata by Hans Orberg, where you basically learn Latin using the target language, ...
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Teaching Methods

What are the features, pros and cons, and procedures of the different methods of teaching language, such as direct method, grammar-translation, task-based, and audiolingualism, etc?
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