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For questions related to the actual meaning of a word.

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What exactly does e.g. "95% comprehension" mean?

I recently browsed the paper Schmitt, Jiang, and Grabe, The Percentage of Words Known in a Text and Reading Comprehension, The Modern Language Journal (2011). Its main aim was to find the relationship ...
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What is the Strategy Inventory of Language Learning (SILL)?

When reading research papers about language learning strategies, one frequently encounters the Strategy Inventory of Language Learning or SILL. What is it and where does it come from?
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How can I improve my ability to find the definition of unknown words using the context?

Most people can easily determine the definitions of words they've never seen before in their L1 because of contextual clues that surround the unknown word. I'd like to do the same with an L2 that I'm ...
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Why retain vocabulary when there are dictionaries?

Usually, when we come across an unknown word, we can guess its meaning based on the text around it (assuming that all the words around are known). However, there are cases that the meaning of the word ...
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What advantages do standard dictionaries have over learners' dictionaries in defining a word?

There are two main kinds of dictionary: standard and learner's. The standard dictionary is made mainly for native speakers, where readers are expected to be fluent in the language. The learner's, as ...
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When using flashcards, should the word or the definition be hidden?

A lot of language learning methods use flash cards to allow them to remember words and their definitions and to test their memory. Some people hide the words, while others hide the definition, which ...
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