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For questions related to the variations of pronouns, nouns, and adjectives

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How to decline Czech words

The following page lists Czech declensions, which can be memorized by heart. Czech declensions However, once I come across a word, and look it up in a Czech dictionary or Czech-English/English-Czech ...
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Image cloze deletion for declension tables

I'd like to learn the declension tables for Russian and I use Anki to learn vocabulary. Does anyone have any advice for learning these tables, and do you think there is a better way to learn the ...
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2 answers

Best way to learn Czech noun declensions

This post is about a technique I thought up for learning Czech (čeština) Declensions In an attempt to learn Czech declensions, I wonder whether a web page on the internet or standard Android ...
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What is a good way to explain the concept of declension to a person whose native language has no declension?

I'm Polish native speaker. The Polish language has a noun declension similar to Latin, so it is rather easy for me to understand that nouns or articles change their form. But sometimes I'm having ...
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What are the advantages of tables with declension endings to study a declension system?

Update: What I'm asking is if there's any evidence in the field of language learning stating if a mere table with declensions is useful for learning those declensions. This is opposed to the usual ...
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Strategies to deal with declensions

Languages like German or Russian have declensions. However my native language does not have those declensions, and thus I have a hard time understanding their “point”, that is their added meaning and ...
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