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Question about dead or extinct languages, i.e. languages that no longer have any speakers.

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How to practice speaking a language with no speakers?

How can I practice speaking, and hopefully eventually become fluent in, a language with no fluent speakers, either native or otherwise? (I'm interested in the constructed language Glosa, but this ...
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How useful is studying Latin for learners of more than one Romance language?

We all know that Vulgar Latin is the ancestor of all the Romance languages. It is also known as a great source of classical literature and was used for many centuries as the "lingua franca" of ...
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How to learn the vocabulary of an ancient language like Aramaic, which is based on scripture only?

I've lately attended a series of lectures on the history of Christianity held by a Coptic scholar. He gave a few examples of Aramaic or Syriac sentences (translated from the Bible) which might be ...
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