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Questions tagged [children]

How children learn languages differently (or similarly) to adults, and how children can be taught to learn languages.

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What are the various context clue techniques children use to learn a new word?

Is there any literature that discusses in great detail what the various context clues are that children use to learn a new word? I found myself reading a few papers "The development of a ...
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Evidence that translating L2 into L1 improves L2 acquisition

I run a project where young bilingual volunteers translate English-language media into the home language for their families. I believe one of the benefits is that, because our volunteers have to ...
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Resources for teaching children Chinese

My nine-year-old son is bilingual English/French (British father, French mother) and absolutely devours books for his age in both languages (ie his reading age in both languages seems roughly equal), ...
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What are some good French educational shows for toddlers?

A more colloquial way of phrasing the question is, Is there a French Ms Rachel? J'ai étudié le français au lycée et à l'université. Je l'ai appris à partir de l'anglais, qui est ma seconde langue, l'...
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Young kids learning L3 (and L4)

I have been trying to locate studies on language learning and younger kids (2 y.o. to 5 y.o.), but so far have only found studies that deal with L2 learning (e.g.
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Child recognizing words by first and last letters; what next?

My child, now 4 years old, seems to recognize a number of written names by their first and last letters. They also recognize some other words seemingly by appearance. They can pronounce individual ...
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