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Questions tagged [children]

How children learn languages differently (or similarly) to adults, and how children can be taught to learn languages.

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16 votes
3 answers

Is "difficulty" an inherent trait in language?

It's quite common to talk about the relative difficulty(1, 2, 3, etc) of languages. But do languages have an inherent difficulty? Put another way, perhaps, are some languages easier or more ...
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12 votes
1 answer

Evidence that translating L2 into L1 improves L2 acquisition

I run a project where young bilingual volunteers translate English-language media into the home language for their families. I believe one of the benefits is that, because our volunteers have to ...
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What are the steps to native language acquisition for children?

I've been trying to find literature that talks about steps taken to typically learn a language. I know that based on what I've read that children start from a one-word stage to multi-word stage. What ...
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