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The CEFR, or Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, is a set of descriptors for language proficiency levels created on behalf the Council of Europe, in order to provide a standard method of describing and measuring language proficiency. Note that the Council of Europe uses the abbreviation CEFR, not CEFRL.

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How can I estimate my proficiency level (A1-C2)?

How can I find out what my CEFR1 proficiency level in a language is, without going to a testing center and paying to take a test? Are there any good resources (free tests, online tests, etc.) or ...
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What are estimates of vocabulary size for each CEFR level?

The CEFR does not specify a vocabulary list or a vocabulary size for each level. I could find one scientific article attempting this mapping (research paper of Milton J and T. Alexiou (2009), ...
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How can I describe my language proficiency in an internationally recognized way?

I speak three languages to varying degrees of fluency. English is my native language. "Native fluency" is pretty easy to describe. I speak Spanish fluently, among friends and family, and in ...
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Can I have C1-level proficiency in a foreign language even if my pronunciation is poor?

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and its A1–C2 scale is often referred to when discussing one's skill in a language. I've never been tested, but, based on the Wikipedia ...
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When does a native reach certain CEFR levels?

The language skill is a process that takes time. If you're a native you still don't jump right into C2. I was wondering at what age/education level do natives reach certain language level of their ...
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How does the CEFRL work?

I learn languages as a hobby, so I'm not sure how "levels (A1-C2)" as seen in this question work. So how do they work?
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How long between each CEFR level for learning Spanish?

A common question among language learners is how long will it take me to learn <insert language>?, and the usual answer, for a native English speaker, is to refer to the FSI list, which divides ...
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What resources are there for learning Romanian in accordance with the CEFR ability levels?

I've tried searching around but I've not been able to find any information about CEFR in relation to the Romanian language. I was looking at the Wikipedia page for the CEFR and I can see that there ...
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Path for German A1 to B2 certificate in one year

I am looking to take the Goethe Institut B2 test roughly one year from now. I have studied some German in the past, so I'd say I'm at an A1 level and could probably get to A2 quickly. I have never ...
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How does the CEFR cater for the abilities of Deaf language learners?

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages or CEFR has been the subject of roughly a dozen questions so far (see cefr). The CEFR is best known for its method for defining proficiency ...
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What is the impact of the new CEFR descriptors on learning the pronunciation of a foreign language?

Earlier this year, the Council of Europe publsihed an update to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages or CEFR, more specifically the CEFR's Companion Volume. There was even a ...
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Is there an exam like TOEFL for English, but for Italian that I can take online?

The thing is I am asked to pass a 6-credit Italian exam this semester. I am currently out of Italy and can not take the university exam which is held in person. I have practiced my Italian and I am ...
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English words by CEFR level - open source

Are there any open source data that categorizes English words based on CEFR levl and is available to download? As an example I found
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Dutch language exams, CNaVT certificates versus NT2 certificates

I am interested in comparing the CNaVT's "Maatschappelijk Formeel (FORM) – B1" certificate to the Nt2's "Programme I" certificate in terms of their difficulty. Moreover, I am ...
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How many words per level of the European Language Framework? [duplicate]

I recently read an interesting article that states that for each level of the European Language Framework, you should know approximately this many core words. Note that a core word can have many ...
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How to evaluate CEFR level of text for L2 learners?

For a language-learning platorm I'm building I need to analyze the difficulty of a foreign-language text for L2 learners in terms of CEFR. However, as CEFR is made up of only Can do? questions, and ...
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Expected CEFR level after French In Action

French In Action is probably the most famous course/resource for French produced in the last 30 years and is a beautiful example of a high quality, well-produced language learning course (very similar ...
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Difference between C1 and C2

Lovely community, what's the difference between the advanced and the proficient levels of English (or any other European language)? I have calculated the cumulative hours of my language learning: it ...
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B2 level requirements for English

I would like to find the requirement for level B2 level (CEFR) for English. I am mainly interested in the grammar requirements, but also in the other requirements. Are there any details like that? I ...
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How can I detect the CEFR level of a resource?

Suppose, I have an English text (poem book, storybook, novel, article, etc.) or an audio or a video in my hand. I want to use it in my lesson plan. How can I detect the CEFR level of this English ...
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CEFR-based assessment rubrics

Regarding action-oriented scenarios, I do not know how to create an analytic grid/rubric (that is, a six/five-point Likert rating scale) calibrating CEFR descriptors of the same level, say B1 (...
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Are these skills (listed by EF SET, a company that creates standardized EN language tests) actually expected skills for CEFR levels A1 and A2?

The authors of this webpage say that, typically, 60-80 hours of English language instruction is needed to reach a CEFR A1 level, and they list some skills. Some of the skills in that list that I think ...
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CEFR Frequently Used Words

I want to compile a list of most frequently used 100 words for every CEFR level in English language. Comprehensive word lists for each CEFR level are available online, but how do I select the most ...
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