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The CEFR, or Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, is a set of descriptors for language proficiency levels created on behalf the Council of Europe, in order to provide a standard method of describing and measuring language proficiency. Note that the Council of Europe uses the abbreviation CEFR, not CEFRL.

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Is there an exam like TOEFL for English, but for Italian that I can take online?

The thing is I am asked to pass a 6-credit Italian exam this semester. I am currently out of Italy and can not take the university exam which is held in person. I have practiced my Italian and I am ...
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Dutch language exams, CNaVT certificates versus NT2 certificates

I am interested in comparing the CNaVT's "Maatschappelijk Formeel (FORM) – B1" certificate to the Nt2's "Programme I" certificate in terms of their difficulty. Moreover, I am ...
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Expected CEFR level after French In Action

French In Action is probably the most famous course/resource for French produced in the last 30 years and is a beautiful example of a high quality, well-produced language learning course (very similar ...
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How can I detect the CEFR level of a resource?

Suppose, I have an English text (poem book, storybook, novel, article, etc.) or an audio or a video in my hand. I want to use it in my lesson plan. How can I detect the CEFR level of this English ...
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CEFR-based assessment rubrics

Regarding action-oriented scenarios, I do not know how to create an analytic grid/rubric (that is, a six/five-point Likert rating scale) calibrating CEFR descriptors of the same level, say B1 (...
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Are these skills (listed by EF SET, a company that creates standardized EN language tests) actually expected skills for CEFR levels A1 and A2?

The authors of this webpage say that, typically, 60-80 hours of English language instruction is needed to reach a CEFR A1 level, and they list some skills. Some of the skills in that list that I think ...
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