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The CEFR, or Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, is a set of descriptors for language proficiency levels created on behalf the Council of Europe, in order to provide a standard method of describing and measuring language proficiency. Note that the Council of Europe uses the abbreviation CEFR, not CEFRL.

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What are estimates of vocabulary size for each CEFR level?

The CEFR does not specify a vocabulary list or a vocabulary size for each level. I could find one scientific article attempting this mapping (research paper of Milton J and T. Alexiou (2009), ...
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How long between each CEFR level for learning Spanish?

A common question among language learners is how long will it take me to learn <insert language>?, and the usual answer, for a native English speaker, is to refer to the FSI list, which divides ...
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How can I estimate my proficiency level (A1-C2)?

How can I find out what my CEFR1 proficiency level in a language is, without going to a testing center and paying to take a test? Are there any good resources (free tests, online tests, etc.) or ...
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How can I describe my language proficiency in an internationally recognized way?

I speak three languages to varying degrees of fluency. English is my native language. "Native fluency" is pretty easy to describe. I speak Spanish fluently, among friends and family, and in ...
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How does the CEFRL work?

I learn languages as a hobby, so I'm not sure how "levels (A1-C2)" as seen in this question work. So how do they work?
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