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Bilingualism is the ability of an individual to functionally use at least two different languages

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Are there any languages besides English of which teachers are commonly monolingual?

Many teachers of English are monolingual in this language. In job postings, it is seldom required that they be at all conversational in the language of the country where they are to be employed. If ...
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Is the core of teaching a second language like English intelligibility or native like fluency? [closed]

I think the core of teaching English as second language should be intelligibility but not native like fluency. This is not just my personal opinion but it is the opinion of many scholars who make ...
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When two people each speak one another's first language as a second language, in which language will they communicate?

Let's take an English-speaking Norwegian and a Norwegian-speaking Englishman as an example. What are the most and least influential variables that influence how they will communicate outside of a ...
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How to manage learning many languages at the same time?

Being interested in learning 2 or 3 languages at the same time, I wonder if there are some best strategies to use for better results (regarding time management, things that we should focus on more, ...
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Is switching between languages and addressing conversation partners in the right language easy for Kids?

My son grows up as a bilingual. At home we speak Arabic or German with him while he usually speaks German at the playschool. Until his third birthday, I sometimes remarked that he couldn't really ...
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Have there been any studies into detrimental effects of language learning?

There have been many studies into the varied benefits of being bilingual, but things are rarely uniformly beneficial. Have there been any studies into whether or not there are detrimental effects to ...
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