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For questions related to the positive (helpful) effects of learning a language.

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What "homework" can I do to benefit more from watching a Chinese movie?

For me, going to the cinemas is enjoyable, there are no distractions, and it's satisfying recognizing something I've worked hard to learn (other benefits are here). It's finally possible to go to the ...
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Which language has what particular advantage [closed]

My English ability reached a certain level so that I appreciate it only starting from this year. It helped me access to tons of knowledge and information placed online. Tons of lecture notes, tons of ...
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How important is to find language exchange partner?

Currently, with all social networks and internet, it seems that everybody suggest [citation needed] that the primary way to learn a language is to find a language exchange partner. Beyond the obvious ...
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Can learning a new language help with speech impairment?

I'm not a linguist, but I can see a connection between speech impairment and language learning. I'm asking because I have a slight speech impairment myself (unable to pronounce guttural sounds like ...
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Does watching movies improve language skills?

I doubt that films will help people who are watching in a language that they are entirely foreign to or are already adept in, but if someone already knows a language but is not adept will watching ...
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19 votes
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Does dreaming in the target language speed up the learning process?

If so, is there a way to "learn" how to dream in another language? For example would thinking in 'language X' for one hour before going to bed help? Or does dreaming in another language only occur ...
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If a language has several dialects, which dialect should I learn? [closed]

Most language-learning resources seem to focus on dialects spoken in a capital city or some similar commercial hub. Is this always the best starting point, or are there other factors that should be ...
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Brain benefit with respect to age

If someone is past their language-learning prime/"critical period", does the age at which they learn a language affect how much learning that language benefits their brain, and if so, in what ways? ...
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How can learning a second language improve my skill with my native language?

When learning another language, one will often have to wrap their head around sentence structures, conjugations, and other quirks not found in their native language. Such things can include word order ...
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