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Questions related to learning or teaching one or more Austronesian languages. The Austronesian languages are a family of languages spoken mainly on islands in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Ocean and on Madagascar. The Austronesian languages include Malay, Javanese, Filipino and over a thousand other languages.

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Which Austronesian language is simplest to pick up?

I am thinking of experimenting and trying to learn an Austronesian language that my school offers. I have the option of: Hawaiian Maori Tahitian Tongan Samoan Ilokano Chamorro Which one is the ...
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4 votes
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How can I find the correct word order for Marshallese sentences?

I am trying to make a set of cards (for the card game "Kloo") in the Marshallese language. It's basically color-coded for noun, verbs, etc... to be placed in a certain order. How do I discover the ...
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