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Questions related to the type of words that is used to introduce a noun phrase (such as 'a', 'an' and 'the' in English).

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Correct way to use the Articles: a, an, the

So, is there any way to master the use of articles. I do basically know where to use them but I think I might be overusing. Is there a way to limit the usage -- basically, I want to know where not to ...
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Are native English speakers explicitly aware of the difference between "a/an" and "the"?

I know that native English speakers can use "a/an" and "the" correctly by the age of 3, but how do they explicitly learn the grammar of articles in their grammar classes? I'm not ...
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Learning to use articles correctly when your L1 does not use them

I have a friend who is Russian and has used German for day-to-day matters for the last two years. He is very well able to have detailed conversations in German. However, his use of articles is often ...
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Do learners with an L1 without articles have problems using them in an L2 with articles?

Before learning English, I had acquired fluency in Persian and I'm a native speaker of Azeri Turkish. Neither language has articles, but I didn't find myself in trouble deciphering their usage in ...
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