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Questions related to the process of familiarizing oneself with the phonology of a language in order to correct one's accent, pronunciation, and/or intonation.

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How do I lose an accent in a foreign language?

Sometimes, an accent just doesn't go well with a language you are trying to speak. This means that the accent is probably going to go bye-bye. Except losing an accent is really hard. Gaining one is ...
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Is it possible for an adult to learn a language without carrying a foreign accent?

As an adult, I'm working on learning French, coming from a background growing up speaking a few languages natively. According to French friends of mine I practice with, I have a "good" accent, but I'...
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How can I develop an accent in a foreign language?

I have been teaching myself Italian for 2 years so far, and I still sound very foreign. When I am speaking Italian with someone else, it is difficult to imitate their accent properly, and when I try, ...
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What can I do before I start learning a language to help reduce my eventual accent?

As I understand it, it is really easy when learning a new language to develop a horrific accent that's hard to get rid of. Of course, being cognizant of this fact and constantly working on reducing ...
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How to avoid an English accent in Hebrew

I speak fairly fluent Hebrew as a second language, and I have a UK English accent. I want to know what pronunciation issues generally would be an issue for English speakers and would sound strange/be ...
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Are there any studies showing that absolute pitch affects second language acquisition?

I recently became aware of the phenomenon of absolute pitch--the ability to identify a pitch without external reference. I am almost certain I have this ability--I get annoyed by out-of-tune pianos, ...
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How can I improve my Arabic accent?

I am an Arab born in Europe. Unfortunately, this has affected my Arabic language skills. My accent sounds "broken", in other words: it sounds as if a foreigner is speaking Arabic. I can have a basic ...
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What techniques do accent coaches use?

What exactly do accent coaches do to help with your accent? For the sake of this question, let's assume the L2 is English, and the learner wants to sound like a native speaker (or as close as possible)...
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How to start recognizing tones and accents?

I would like to start recognizing tones, accents and stresses in languages I already know. Are there efficient ways to do this? For a little more background : I have recently become aware of the ...
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Bulk-add pronunciations to Anki decks

This is what I want to do: I have a large Anki collection (over 20,000 notes of Japanese vocabulary). I want to add Japanese pitch/accent information to each note. Possible solutions? I have no idea ...
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How valuable can feedback from software be when learning foreign languages?

I'm interested mainly in a learner acquiring the spoken language. I know about grammar and style checkers. Could self-taught foreign language learners benefit from feedback coming from a computer? ...
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What are some effective methods for improving one's accent?

I am a non-native English speaker. I've started learning the language roughly ten years ago, and have been practicing it ever since, be it through exposure to English-spoken content (movies, music, ...
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Accent/Pronunciation Feedback Software for German

Is there software that can listen to a sample of my German speech and give feedback on my accent and pronunciation? I wish to have an impartial party listen to my speech, so that I can determine ...
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