How do I find Mongolian tutors in Sydney, Australia?

I'm trying to find a tutor for Mongolian in Sydney, but haven't had much luck.

I managed to find one tutor who is a native speaker, but she'll soon be unavailable to give me lessons. Her ads on locanto.com.au and www.world-tutor-hub.com have been taken down.

This person teaches Mongolian, but is not a native speaker.

I tried googling for "Mongolian lessons Sydney" (minus quotes) and "Mongolian tutor Sydney" (minus quotes) and didn't get anything, apart from the two tutors mentioned above.

Doing a search of Mongolian in the Sydney region on Gumtree didn't get any relevant hits.

Searching Italki for a Mongolian teacher only got one person, who is in Ulaan Baatar.

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    Oh, this seems to be a too narrow question! – bytebuster Jun 11 '16 at 15:15
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    Also, is it necessary that the tutor lives in your area? Is there a reason you can't do Skype calls every week and have your lesson like that? – fi12 Jun 11 '16 at 15:20

If you don't mind having Skype lessons with your tutor, I found a Mongolian tutor named Zoljargal Baatarkhuu, who currently lives in France. He's a native speaker who charges USD$13.50 a lesson. (I'm not actually sure how long each lesson is, so you may need to get in contact with him to learn that.)

34 of his past students have reviewed him, commenting on his astounding clarity, patience, and professionalism, and he averages a 5 star rating, so he does seem to be a pretty experienced teacher.

Note: In no way am I affiliated with Glovico (the service that offers the tutor), so I'm not commenting on the quality of this service, as I've never tried it. I'm also not sponsored by them. I do not take responsibility for any of your actions in relation to this organization.


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