I am looking for a German - Spanish (or Spanish - German) dictionary, that can be downloaded (if possible for free) in raw-format, to be used in a software application.

Does anyone know relevant resources?

  • There is dict.cc, but the site says there are conditions on the use of the data in an application. It says you can't include the data in the application itself, for example.
    – Brandin
    Commented Jan 26 at 8:19

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WikiDict offers downloads of dictionaries licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA, which doesn't prohibit commercial use. Spanish to German and German to Spanish are both available, along with dozens of others.


You can download the parsed JSON version of the German/Spanish Wiktionary and filter for Spanish/German entries here: https://kaikki.org/dictionary/rawdata.html

Another option is downloading the English entries of the English Wiktionary and then looking in the translation subsections for both German and Spanish words, which should ideally be direct translations (because the translations are divided by meaning), but might need some postprocessing: https://kaikki.org/dictionary/English/

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