I'm a Swedish learner. As a beginner in Swedish, I thought the Swedish "o" was pronounced /o oː/. However, recently, I read the Wikipedia article "Swedish phonology", and I noticed that there are two pronunciations of the Swedish "o": /ʊ uː/, and /ɔ oː/. When is the Swedish "o" pronounced /ʊ uː/, and when is the Swedish "o" pronounced /ɔ oː/? Examples of both pronunciations:

/ʊ uː/:
"krona": [ˈkruːˌna]
"bok": [buːk]
"ord": [ˈuːɖ]

/ɔ oː/:
"och": [ɔ]
"som": [sɔm]
"kopp": [kɔp]
"Norge": [ˈnɔrjɛ]

How do I know if the Swedish "o" is pronounced /ʊ uː/ or /ɔ oː/? Does it depend on the following consonant? Thank you.


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