I find reading aloud simultaneously trains multiple aspects of my target language (reading, speaking, vocabulary). Thus with this in mind, I've checked out a few teleprompter apps, and the best one I've found thus far is called 提词器 in Chinese; it displays text in large font (readable from a distance) at a pre-selected speed. The problem is that if I read too slow, I fall behind, and if I read too fast, I overtake the teleprompter (texts are not homogeneous in reading difficulty).

However, I would prefer a voice-activated teleprompter app, so (a) I don't have to fiddle around with it while I'm speaking (distracting!), and (b) it can ensure I'm saying the right thing. Something like politicians use when giving a speech. And ideally not extraordinarily expensive.

I find reading from a textbook quickly causes me to go hoarse, but if I'm speaking as if I'm speaking to a person, it's not as bad.

Question: Is there a voice-activated teleprompter app/software for practicing L2 reading aloud?


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