I see a fair number of posts and videos about native Chinese speakers taking the HSK6, or mock HSK6 exams, so I'm hoping to collect their scores in one place:

Question: How well do native Chinese speakers do on the HSK6?

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Here's what I've found available online:

Date Listening Reading Writing Comments
May 2022 - 92% - Source: YouTube; Chinese teacher gets 3 faulty sentence questions wrong, and one "fill in the blank" (part 2) question wrong. She takes the past exam paper H61000. She also has a video for the listening section, but I didn't find her marks (she noted she got question 3 wrong).
Nov 2021 97% 98% 78% Source: Reddit; actual HSK6 marks
Jun 2021 - - - Source: Bilibili; three youth had some wrong answers in the listening and reading sections; it's unclear precisely how well they did, but they found it difficult
Feb 2021 - - - Source: YouTube; two questions wrong in the "faulty sentence" section
Aug 2020 - 92% - Source: Reddit (exam with answers)
Jul 2020 - 96% - Source: Bilibili; she seems to be a Chinese teacher; I'm a bit confused by the video, but it seems she got 2 wrong in the reading section, and gave herself 75% in the writing section, and a total score of 257 out of 300 (which would imply 86% in the listening section)
Aug 2019 - - - Source: Bilibili; he answers 5 questions from the "faulty sentence" section, and gets 3 wrong
Oct 2018 99% 95% 82% Source: Reddit; comments "...what’s even harder is the writing. I’m a native speaker and a Chinese language instructor, and I was typing on a computer, so obviously there couldn’t be any blatant grammatical or spelling errors. They must be looking for a good prose rather than my mundane language."
Sep 2018 - - - Source: YouKu; 6 participants answered 10 "faulty sentence" questions, with scores ranging from 3 to 8
Sep 2018 ~67% / ~89% - - Source: YouTube (audio and answers); they answer 9 questions from the listening section; the lady got questions 3, 7, and 34 wrong, and the man got question 7 wrong
Aug 2018 94% 94% - Source: Reddit (exam with answers; audio); I believe this test was taken by a Chinese teacher, who reports getting questions 16, 25, and 28 wrong in the listening section, and 52, 53, and 56 wrong in the reading section (all "faulty sentence questions")
Jun 2018 - - - Source: Bilibili; he answered 10 "faulty sentence" questions, and got 2 wrong (question 55 and 59)
Feb 2018 96% 90% 89% Source: Improve Mandarin; took the actual HSK6; did not prepare.
~2017 - ~92% - Source: Quora (or here); "This test give me 45 minutes to finish.I spent 20 minutes." They took an exam from here.
Jun 2017 ~75% - - Source: Bilibili (exam with answers); if I understood everything correctly, he answers a selection of 20 questions in the listening section; he got questions 5, 20, 23, 24, and 35 wrong
Jun 2017 ~88% - - Source: Bilibili (questions and answers); if I understood everything correctly, he answers a selection of 25 reading questions; he got questions 54, 61, and 81 wrong (he also pronounced 狭隘 as xiá'yì instead of xiá'ài)
Jun 2017 - - - Source: YouTube (I believe he's using the textbook 汉语水平考试,模拟试题集); says he struggles with "faulty sentence" questions; gets one correct and one wrong
Aug 2016 ~100% - - Source: YouTube (exam with answers); she answers 9 questions from the listening section, and claims she got them all correct, but it's unclear if she answered B or C for question 32.

(I note that during the HSK6 exam, for the "faulty sentence" questions, the examinee is required to answer questions within around 1 minute, and multiple videos ignore this requirement. I also note that the old past HSK6 exams from 10+ years ago are considered far easier than the current HSK6 exams.)

Available from the chinesetest.cn website are these plots from 2012, giving the scores of test takers with Chinese citizenship (87%+ are from Xinjiang province):

enter image description here

The y-axis is "number of students" and the x-axes are "listening marks" (out of 50), "reading marks" (out of 50) and "listening/reading combined marks" (as a percentage).

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