Vocabulary is the most important thing to become enriched in a language in my perspective. But for most of the adult learners of a language, memorization process sometimes seems very boring and hard too. So now the question is what are the most effective ways of learning vocabulary of any language? Please share tips & tricks on how to build a solid vocabulary stack.

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There are a lot of methods to build up vocabulary I could find. I have created a important list of them here.

  1. Read a lot : Read stories, newspapers, articles a lot. Have a dictionary in the side and look the meaning for words you don't know.
  2. Use mnemonics : Use specialised memory tricks that can suite you to keep the words in memory.
  3. Study it in context : Once you have learned a word try to use it in sentences.

We don’t communicate using individual words, we communicate with phrases and sentences.

  1. Use pictures : When learning a word try to associate itself with a picture.
  2. Listen while you read : Get an audio book and a book on the language you want to learn. Listen to the audio book while reading.
  3. Embed your new language into your life and into your daily routine : Try using the words you learned in your shopping list, etc... If possible speak to a native person of that language.

For additional reference:

  1. Experts reveal favourite methods learning vocabulary - smartlanguagelearner.com
  2. Ten beat vocabulary learning tips

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