I am wondering how to schedule learning my languages to get the best results and to give each of the languages enough time.

Currently I am learning English(C1), German(B2),Turkish(A2) and Spanish(A2).

I think there are possibly two options:

1. Learn each day a different language like:

Mo:German Tu:Turkish We:Spanish Th:German Fri:Turkish Sa:Spanish Su:German

2. or learn bit of each language everyday (which I feel like can be quite tricky with a busy schedule)

So if anyone could share his tips/tricks how to deal with it, I would really appreciate it.

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I personally found it more practical to spend a week on each language:

  • it takes some time to start "thinking a language"
  • it gives time to cover whole concepts/grammatical phenomena, or make a full pass over not too complex books (such as those from "Teach yourself" or "Colloquial" series)
  • it allows for making more meaningful parallels between languages
  • it allows for relaxing and refocusing, if the langauges are not too similar

This works on initial stages, but beyond A1-A2 (that is beyond the level of the above mentioned introductory books) each language invariably requires more time. I started with four (and played with several others), but eventually focused on the two that I really needed (French and German in my case).

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