I'm trying to improve my English level.

Those are what I do every day:

  • I read texts 2.5 hours a day,
  • I listen to podcasts about 1.5 hours a day,
  • I learn 20 new words and repeat the previous words and phrases I've learned. (I learn 20 new common words a day, in addition to the words I've learned through reading and listening. I want to expand my vocab and be able to use the words correctly.)

My goal is to achieve as high a level as possible in the shortest time. How can I improve my learning routine, and what "English assignments" should I add to achieve it?

(I hope I get C1 level, but I don't know if it is possible in a short time)

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    I don't think we can answer this question. Too much depends on what resources you have available. What seems to be missing from your schedule is any interactive activties. But if you are not living in a country where there are lots of native English speakers and you don't have the money to pay for teachers this might be inevitable. So without knowing your personal situation we can't give advice. I'm voting to close, but my advice is "interaction" even if that just means asking questions here – James K Feb 16 at 20:17

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