I have recently finished B1 online course from Goethe Institut. Now I can not continue B2 course at Goethe Institut for some reasons but I want to continue learning online. I would like to ask for resources to learn the German language online. I have tried Duolingo, Seedlang, Babbel, Memrise and other apps like these - I think they are just for fun and not a good fit for learning a language. How can I learn the German language online? Is there an online course?

Update: I have tried Duolingo. I think it is not effective because it is mostly grammar oriented. It does not provide a systematic approach - it is just random tests. I have a feeling that apps like that are built not for helping in learning a language but showing more ads. I think the interactive way of learning a language with speaking, listening, writing, reading tasks is more interesting and effective than solving tests in Duolingo.


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I have several recommendations:

  1. SmarterGerman has a B2-level course. I have worked on the B1 course before, and it is solid.
  2. Deutsche Welle (DW) has both B2 and C-level courses for your enjoyment.
  3. Assimil claims their book/audio goes up to B2 level. I have used this book and enjoyed it. Not sure it's really B2 level, but it's a matter of opinion. Certainly at least b1.
  4. L2 Press offers a book of short stories that are a solid intermediate level. I have also used it, and I really like it. If you like reading stories with audio, then this is for you.

I have completed B1 at Goethe as well and waiting for the next B2 schedule. I do not mean to discourage you but just wanted to let you know the facts - B1 and B2 are mid level courses (C1, C2 are advanced and close to native speaker). Given that perspective, B2 is "supposed to be" difficult.

I have got feedback from various learners that online is simply not possible and definitely not recommended for any course beyond B1. So I highly recommend that you pursue your journey in classroom way to achieve good learning experience.

In my opinion, the beginner levels (A1,A2) can be done online.

Hope this helps.


I highly recommend Deutchewelle German learning app. same for me, I did A1 with Geothe but I found it was more for student who are currently in schools/universities, but for fully employed me, online learning was much easier and with Deutchewell learning you can choose the most relevant theme for you to learn. I completed A2 by learning from the app.

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