I have a friend who wants to learn English and is debating between two different programs. One is more focused on conversations while the other is more focused on grammar, reading, and writing. Any advice is welcome.

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    Hi and welcome to Language Learning Stack Exchange. I think it is impossible to answer your question due to a lack of information. (1) What is you friend's main learning goal? What does he want to do with his knowledge of English? (2) The description of the programs is much too vague; we would need more details about thei content, the number of classroom hours and the number of students in a group. – Tsundoku Jan 22 at 0:59
  • Thanks. Those are good calls. The medium-term goal is to study abroad. The long term goal would be to work and study in an English speaking country. About the program description, I don't have much information. Sorry about that. Thanks for your feedback – stcol Jan 27 at 21:46

I always like to preface my answers by asking what’s the goal for learning a new language. If the goal is to be able to hold general conversations in your chosen language then by all means chose the program that focuses of conversation. I see no reason to focus heavily on grammar and memorizing vocabulary. I know of no one who ever learned a language by memorizing its grammar rules.

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