In my grade-3 语文 textbooks, we find lists of new characters which appear in the accompanying essay, such as the following:

photo of 语文 textbook

I'm curious as to what what Chinese students actually do with this. I assume they're practiced, but beyond that I'm not sure. (I'm also unsure as to why there are two distinct but overlapping lists of characters.)

Question: What do Chinese students do with the lists of new characters in 语文 textbooks?

When I encounter them, I just acknowledge them and not much else.

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Students recopy the characters in their notebooks, following specific rules for stroke order. It's a good idea to recopy each characters several times and to pronounce them out loud at the same time (along with the translation) to help with memorization.


Usually one is the requirement of read, one is the requirement of write. They are listed as a guideline, showing the knowledge the students should gain.

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