From the Foreign Language Training website, we find e.g.:

The following language learning timelines reflect 70 years of experience in teaching languages to U.S. diplomats, and illustrate the time usually required for a student to reach “Professional Working Proficiency” in the language, ...

enter image description here

Foreign Language Training, Foreign Services Institute

What's confusing me is the notion of "class hours" above. E.g., I currently have 2 hours of class each week, and maybe 20-ish hours of self-study per week. Indeed, (for me at least) class hours are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to study.

Question: When the Foreign Services Institute says "X class hours" are required, how many hours of self-study are assumed?

(I saw this question and, in particular, Tsundoku's answer which doesn't clarify this particular point.)



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