I would like to read texts (books, articles or any other kind of reading content) in interlinear translation (where a sentence, or segment of a sentence, is spatially positioned above its translation, and the text is read line by line with respect to its original language version and translated version), specifically in EPUB format, for the purpose of learning a second language by reading and having the translation of unknown words as seamlessly and conveniently available as possible, because I find interrupting the flow of reading to look up words in a dictionary to be less than optimal in terms of effort and speed.

Is there any resource (a book series, a website) where a diversity of interlinear-translated books in EPUB format are available?


You might like: http://authorsoft.com/cursor-translator.html Hover your mouse over the word to translate it into your own language.

Or https://readlang.com/iw/dashboard It also translates the word you hover your mouse over. I prefer it to authorsoft.

Neither is free, but both offer a free introductory period.

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