I am about to start a Spanish Learners club and I am looking for fun board games.

I remember playing apples to apples in English sometime ago and I loved it. Is there a Spanish version? Are there other similar games that are beginner friendly?

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Any board game that involves cooperation would be great for practicing speaking to other players in Spanish.

Also, word and trivia board games are a nice way for learning new vocabulary.

1. Cooperative Board Games

For a list of cooperative board games, you can check this page on BoardGameGeek.

Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert are good ones I’ve tried. Another popular one is Pandemic.

2. Word Games

Scrabble is a classic that can be useful for practicing vocabulary. There is a Spanish version.

Another great one is Codenames. This one is also playable online for free with the option for word cards in Spanish.

Taboo is also popular and has a Spanish version.

3. Trivia Games

The most popular is Trivial Pursuit, which has several Spanish editions, e.g., Trivial Pursuit: Genus Edición III.

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