The Chinese HSK6 test has a section called 书写 where you're given an ~1000 character passage and 10 minutes to read it. Here's the introduction:


Afterwards, your task is to summarize create an abridged version of it in ~400 characters. An example question from a past exam is here.

Question: Where can I find example answers to the Chinese HSK6 test composition?

It's hard for me to tell what I'm supposed to write. Judging from this Reddit post, it's more about reproducing the original material from memory.

Thus far, I've found:

  • Two student answers are critiqued in the Coursera HSK6 lessons here (answer here) and here (answer here).

  • I think the book 21天征服新HSK六级写作 contains example answers (but I'm not sure). I bought the book; see my answer.

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I bought the book 21天征服新HSK六级写作 (the 2015 version), and it contains 8 examples (although each of them seems to exceed the 400 character limit).

  1. 女儿的秘密 [pp. 64-65]
  2. 无声的婚礼 [pp. 74-75]
  3. 国王的爱好 [pp. 84-85]
  4. 两张借条 [pp. 102-103]
  5. 辞职 [pp. 112-113]
  6. 天使的翅膀 [pp. 125-126]
  7. 兔子的故事 [pp. 137-138]
  8. 两颗钉子 [pp. 150-151]

There's also these which seem similar:

  1. 北京的符号 [pp.46-47]
  2. 游北海 [pp 94-96]
  3. 幸福是最后一锹土 [pp. 163-164]

It also explains other aspects, such as how punctuation, spacing, etc., should be used on the particular HSK6 answer sheet.

The textbook 汉语水平考试 模拟试题集(第2版) gives answers to its 10 mock exams, including the 缩写 section. Here is a photo of one example.

According to Emory University's examples, this is the standard HSK6 answer card, which in fact has 25 * 20 = 500 boxes for the composition question:

HSK6 examination card

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