I watch every TV series and movies in English but sometimes I can't understand some really specific words that are rarely used by the English native speakers themselves.

Should I use subtitles in my native language so that I can at least learn the meaning of the word? Or should I use English subtitles and take the time to look the word up on the Internet?


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    I think which you should do depends on your learning goal.
    – Flimzy
    Apr 5, 2016 at 18:35

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I think it would be more beneficial to have English subtitles. It would help you link the sound of a word to how it is spelled. If you don't know a word - pause the show and look it up. Given today's' technology, it is relatively quickly.

Having subtitles in a different language will most likely confuse you more than help you, because you have to hear one language, but read another one. This is given that you have at least a basic proficiency in English, but based on the quality of the question - I think you do :)

This thinking on mine is based on an idea that you should immerse yourself in a language as much as you can in order to start "natively" thinking and speaking in it.

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