This is my situation most days:

  1. I'm too tired to study Chinese...
  2. ...but it's too early to go to bed...
  3. ...I know, I'll read random stuff on the Internet.

I feel like I could should be utilizing this time for some kind of light Chinese practice, but I don't have the energy for active study. Perhaps there's some suitable reading material, or games or apps that I'm unaware of.

(If relevant, I'm currently studying HSK5, maybe about 20% of the way through.)

Question: How can I repurpose the time spent reading random stuff on the Internet to improve my Chinese?

I'm not sure: maybe it's best to have "down time", or maybe it's not possible to meaningfully improve without actively working.

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If you want to waste time on the Internet, you can at least do it at Chinese, especially when you're already at HSK 5. Search for Chinese-language keywords on Baidu and Youku. Or, browse Google News and Wikipedia with the language settings in Chinese.

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