The greatness of a teacher lies in respecting the child

I think the concept of Emerson's is similar to the concept of the present teaching scenorio which claims that learnimng is neither teacher centered nor chilld centered but learning centered in which learning may take place between teacher to student or student to student.

How can we apply this quotion by Emerson in the teaching learning process of English?

I think though it may sound paradoxical, it means teachers should take care of pupils' aspirations, needs and doubts to become great.

I hope I get some good answers which are not just opinion based but relevant to the latest teching methods.

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Maria Montessori has a lot on respecting the child "follow the child," etc., which might be useful to this question.

I'm not sure "respecting the child" is the same thing as "taking care of pupils' aspirations, needs and doubts to become great". That seems to be a fairly heavy interpretation.

For Montessori it is about allowing the child to unfold their own learning, in a way, instead of being taught didactically.

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