Arabic is written in the Arabic alphabet and, like Hebrew and Persian, is written without vowels. This makes it hard for a learner to decipher the exact pronunciation of any Arabic word without referring to an audio source or a dictionary that includes diacritics.

Are there any online Arabic dictionaries (either paid or free) that include diacritics (especially conjugated verbs)?

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  • Reverso (diacritics and romanization, including of conjugations)
  • Wiktionary (diacritics and romanization, including of conjugations)
  • Dict (diacritics and romanization)
  • Bab.la (diacritics and romanization)
  • Almaany (diacritics)
  • Lane (diacritics)
  • ArabicLexicon (collection of classical dictionaries, some with diacritics)
  • Dicts (romanization)
  • Alpheios incorporates Lane and Salmoné's dictionaries into the software (both also in ArabicLexicon)
  • I don't see any diactritics in Reverso.
    – Onkeltem
    Commented Dec 1, 2021 at 0:42

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