I teach English in a government school where the medium of instruction is both English and the regional medium Telugu. The slow learners opt for Telugu medium and they are not able to follow my English unless I resort to the regional medium while teaching English

Some English scholars say that mother tongue can be used judiciously. What is judicious is difficult to define or decide.

My question is, whether the use of mother-tongue in the English class is a boon or a bane?


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The "sink-or-swim" method, that is, teaching entirely in the target language, only works if your students are "swimming." If they are "sinking" in the total immersion environment, they are better off with native-language explanations at key points in the lesson. Unless you know how to ensure student comprehension with total immersion, they will learn more if you use their mother tongue judiciously. This has been my experience as a Spanish teacher.

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