Are there free dictionaries available online for download? For the beginning I am looking for data which provide multiple possible translations and examples, e.g.: Input word: "Nevertheless" Output: ("Dennoch", "Gleichwohl", "Doch") ; ("The team did not play well; nevertheless, it won the match.","He lost the match; nevertheless, he is a good player.")

I found some APIs providing translations, but they are not free or don't provide multiple translations or no examples. I am aware that good APIs cost money, but this is due to the fact that they are able to translate whole sentences, what is complicated. I am only interested in translating single words!


I personally love to use Linguee because they provide a lot of examples from external sources, which is quite helpful when you are not familiar with a topic. It's not really for download though. But I just read that you can use their app offline.

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