I've been interested in learning a language called Malayalam. The problem is though, there is a complete absence of any well-written comprehensive Malayalam textbooks or grammar guides for English-speaking learners of Malayalam. There are some terrible ones written by random people on Amazon, however no real learning resources (except a university course written by the PeaceCorps, which is ok, but only has a limited amount of content). I would start by using basic materials, but the problem is I don't know enough vocab or grammar to work my way through anything, and I can't find a good, reliable, professionally-made English-Malayalam dictionary for reference.

Has anyone else had any experience learning Malayalam, or any language with an absence of learning materials? If so, how did you go about learning it e.g. techniques, learning materials?

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    What about children's books? They usually have limited vocabulary and use simple constructions. You would have to do a lot of figuring out of the grammar, but I for one find that quite interesting. – user7085 May 29 '19 at 1:17
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    Hi sambeaz6! Welcome to Language Learning Stack Exchange! You are faced with an interesting problem, but could you please edit your question to clarify what you want to focus on? I.e. either (a) a resource request for Malayalam or (b) a general question that does not focus on Malayalam (i.e. how do you learn any language with few resources?)? We already have two questions that are similarly unfocused (one involving Georgian and one involving Cantonese). – Tsundoku May 29 '19 at 12:27
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    @ChristopheStrobbe Yeah sure. I've changed the title. – sambeaz6 May 29 '19 at 12:44

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