I've recently been interested in Esperanto, and found a highly useful site for learning it. Lernu teaches you Esperanto by telling a story Esperanto with the English translation available by hovering over parts of the text, and with Esperanto sound available. It then asks you questions about the vocabulary and grammar in the text. I was wondering if there were any similar resources for learning Korean?


I think Learning Korean from an website or application is some what difficult. You can use LSRW rule.

                **LSRW Rule**
  1. LISTENING - You should Listen to Korean News channels and KDramas to understand how to convey your message in Korean.

  2. SPEAKING - You can find some native Koreans and make them as your friend to develop your slang.

  3. READING - Acquire Basic alphabets from Elementary stage , then start reading Korean Newspapers. This is one of the Crucial step to excel your skills in korean Script reading

  4. WRITING - Use Online Korean Keyboard with spell checker to write korean Efficiently.


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Hello guy if you want to get a app similar like that I recommend this next website are not similar like that website you mention but they are very helpul for you if you are beginner in korean.

loescen and how to study korean - mainly grammatic

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