In a comment on the question Is there a scientific evidence of class / teacher importance for adult learners? Gavenkoa makes the following claim:

There is evidence that certain teaching activities has negative impact on exam scores. One of such thing is correction of oral mistakes.

I find that hard to believe. It is one thing to say that something has no noticeable impact (see Effectiveness of reformulating incorrect sentences as feedback?), but it is a very different thing to say that such teacher interventions may have a negative effect.

Which studies have shown that correcting a learner's oral mistakes in class has a negative impact?

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    I'm sorry. My mistake, the article epi.sc.edu/ar/AS_4_files/Truscott%202007.pdf is about writing skills: The conclusions are that, based on existing research: (a) the best estimate is that correction has a small negative effect on learners’ ability to write accurately, and (b) we can be 95% confident that if it has any actual benefits, they are very small.
    – gavenkoa
    Jan 9, 2019 at 16:33


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