The question says it all... I'm looking for a google translate-type app/website, where I can type in english phrases and have them be transliterated from Farsi :) Right now, I can't read the arabic alphabet enough so that Google is useful :0

For example, I'm looking for an app/website which I can use in conversation with my persian friends, that displays the sentences I want to say in english phonetic form.

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You can use Behnevis to transliterate from the so-called Finglish to Persian, and vice-versa. For the long vowels, make sure to use double letters; e.g. "salaam" instead of "salam" or "saalem" instead of "salem".

Google Translate also has the option from Finglish to Persian:

Google Translate Transliteration for Persian

  • But can you do english to Finglish – AIM_BLB Apr 12 at 15:53
  • @AIM_BLB what do you mean? – Neeku Apr 13 at 10:58

I found this app.

There is also an interesting discussion in Wikipedia about different paradigms for transliterating Farsi

  • Hey, Ya that website is okay (I saw it also) but it doesn't understand the vowels usually :( – AIM_BLB Jan 11 at 20:41

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