I am looking for a grammar book or series of grammar books for French that match the following criteria:

  • the book or books must be in French, i.e. all grammar rules and instructions must be in French (not English, Spanish, German, ...);
  • content should be organised in chapters that first explain a set of grammar rules and then provide a number of exercises that apply these rules;
  • there must be an answer key (the answer key may be a separate volume);
  • the book must be appropriate for self study (the presence of an answer key is not sufficient; some books of this type are intended for teachers of French).

I am looking for books for the levels A2 - B2. The first three criteria may be easy to fulfil, but the last criterion is essential and it may not be obvious whether a book matches this criterion just by looking at the book cover in an online bookshop. Answers that are based on personal experience using such books would be especially appreciated.

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So far, I have found the following books:

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