I am in need to translating a site of mine and I need to add Arabic. According to the language code there are several forms. Which of these would you consider to be the most "common" type?

ar-AE   Arabic (U.A.E.)
ar-BH   Arabic (Bahrain)
ar-DZ   Arabic (Algeria)
ar-EG   Arabic (Egypt)
ar-IQ   Arabic (Iraq)
ar-JO   Arabic (Jordan)
ar-KW   Arabic (Kuwait)
ar-LB   Arabic (Lebanon)
ar-LY   Arabic (Libya)
ar-MA   Arabic (Morocco)
ar-OM   Arabic (Oman)
ar-QA   Arabic (Qatar)
ar-SA   Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
ar-SY   Arabic (Syria)
ar-TN   Arabic (Tunisia)
ar-YE   Arabic (Yemen)
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ar-EG Arabic (Egypt)

The Egyptian dialect is the most common for two reasons. First, it's the largest Arabic-speaking country in the world. Second, it's the main producer of Arabic language entertainment (tv, movies, music).

Keep in mind, though, that written Arabic is almost always Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), which is not on your list.

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