I am going to Portugal soon to live for a couple of months and have a list of key phrases I think I'll be using a lot (a list of about 30 items). However I have been told that Google Translate only provides Brazilian Portuguese translations (which the Portugal Portuguese really hate) and that there is also a lot of words which are shared with Spanish (i.e. same spelling) but different pronunciations (which a lot of Portuguese also really don't like to hear). Is there any reliable way I can find the correct translations and pronunciations for a random list of Portuguese words? The words and phrases I'm looking for aren't necessarily the typical thing you'd find in phrase books, e.g. "scrambled eggs".

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There are several places where you can find the correct pronunciation of words, for example:

  • The Collins English-to-Portuguese Dictionary. If you search for a word, e.g. guest, and scroll down to the section "guest in other languages", you will find pronunciations that you can listen to.
  • One of the biggest online sources of pronunciations is Forvo, where you can find pronunciation files for many languages, including Portuguese. If you create an account, you can even download the pronunciation files (and then use them in your spaced repetition system).

However, Forvo also provides pronunciations of common phrases, e.g. greetings and apologies, but if you are mainly interested in phrases, you can also try Rhinospike.


WordReference provides a huge list of resources (link). Some of them are specifically listed as being for European Portuguese. You should go through them, but here are a couple that seem to be European Portuguese specific:

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