As several other questions have pointed out, graded readers are a good type of material for extensive reading. Where can I find graded readers in Swedish?

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You can check out this webpage that offers books in easy Swedish sorted into three levels of difficulty.

Let me quote the website about the different levels:

Nivå 1

I nivå 1 dominerar ofta bilderna och det är lite eller mycket lite text.

Nivå 2

I nivå 2 texterna längre. Men handlingen är enkel och väl disponerad, ord är >välkända, meningarna förhållandevis korta.

Nivå 3

Nivå 3 kräver ett större ordförråd. Här har språket har bisatser och och det >kan förekomma metaforer, meningarna är längre. Nivån är lämplig för läsare som >är på väg mot den "vanliga" litteraturen.

Personally I have only tried Level 3 which contains easier version of classics for example Anna Karenina. If you try the other levels you could comment and add your impressions.

  • Thanks. Could you please expand your answer a bit by adding what the three levels are and what the content of the books is? (E.g. do the books only contain texts? Footnotes? A glossary? Exercises even?)
    – Tsundoku
    Feb 10, 2018 at 19:10

The German publisher Compact Verlag has a few "Lernkrimis" ("crime novels for [language] learning") in Swedish:

These books contain vocabulary explanations on the same page as the text, a glossary, exercises to test text understanding and new vocabulary and notes on grammar.

The German publisher Harald Holder Verlag published Tösen från Stormyrtorpet / Das Mädchen vom Moorhof by Selma Lagerlöf in a bilingual Swedish-German version. The description claims that Lagerlöf's simple language makes the book accessible to less advanced learners.

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