I am looking for a book or other resources about tasks and activities for teaching Chinese grammar. There are book on teaching English grammar, e.g. Task-based grammar teaching of English by Susanne Niemeier (Narr, 2017), but it is difficult to find resources on teaching Chinese grammar.

What I mean by tasks and activities are things like the board race in the YouTube video teaching english grammar through games. However, not every activity needs to be physical. The main criterion for the resource I am interested it is that it goes beyond explaining grammar and then handing out exercises on paper (fill in the blanks, reformulate sentences, ...).

The resource I am looking for should provide examples of activities, not just theory about teaching. A book (in English, German, French or Dutch) is fine; a YouTube channel dedicated to this topic would also work. (Grammar books from which you learn grammar don't count.)

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There are a number of books that may be helpful:

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