Graded readers are a good type of material for extensive reading. But how do you find graded readers in Russian? The English Wikipedia article graded reader has no link to the same concept in the Russian Wikipedia (see the "Languages" section in the left-hand menu).

Resources for learning Russian on Russian Language Stack Exchange does not list graded readers, and What Russian poet to recommend for beginners and intermediate learners? is not a good fit if you want to learn "normal", non-poetic Russian.

So are there any graded readers in Russian and how can I find them?


The Russian term for "graded reader" would be something like "Хрестоматия по русскому языку для студентов-иностранцев" or "адаптированные тексты для студентов-иностранцев". Or "книги для чтения" (для студентов-иностранцев) I'm a native speaker so I don't use these. Yet I've Googled it and I found this https://www.kniga.de/knigi/russkiy-yazyk/russkiy-yazyk-kak-inostrannyy-rki/knigi-dlya-chteniya/?p=1

if you want to learn "normal", non-poetic Russian.* Erm, there are plenty of poets who write in a colloquial style and their phrases can be really useful when you are in love or have a fight with someone .

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The German publisher dtv has published a number of bilingual Russian-German books for learners of Russian. Below are a few example titles:

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