Graded readers are a good type of material for extensive reading. But how do you find graded readers in French? The English Wikipedia article graded reader has no link to the same concept in the French Wikipedia (see the "Languages" section in the left-hand menu).

So are there any graded readers in French and how can I find them?

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In order to find graded readers in French, you need to look for "[livres en] français facile" ("[books in] easy French"). However, not all books that are marked as "français facile" are graded readers for learners of French as a foreign language. If you find something like FLE (français langue étrangère: French as a foreign language) or a level indication such as A2 on the cover, then you can be certain you have a graded reader for learners of French.

There are several collections of graded readers, for example:

  • LFF (Lire en français facille) is a series published by Hachette. It contains several "collections" of books for the levels A1, A2, B1 and B2:
  • CLE International has a series of graded readers called Lectures CLE en français facile. It contains titles for A1, A2 and B1. For example, Voyage au centre de la terre (A1), Les misérables (level A2), Germinal (B1) and many other titles.
  • The CI Bookshop has a series of easy readers "for all levels". Many of these are also available as e-books. These books are aimed at children and will not necessarily appeal to adult readers.

In 2014, the French organisation Livre et lecture en Bretagne published a PDF file entitled Choix de livres « faciles à lire ». Most of these titles are aimed at native speakers who don't read well; these books may be the next step after reading the graded readers listed above.

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