I want to use Memrise to learn languages, but I do not know Memrise's advantages. What are Memrise's advantages? I accepted an answer, but If someone posted a good answer here, I will accept the answer.

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For me (according to its precedence):

  • it is free (at least its basic functions),
  • it has a huge amount of material and you always can find something for your knowledge level,
  • it uses mnemonic technique to help remember words and it is really invaluable in learning languages like Japanese or Chinese,
  • you can create your own "courses" or at least create your own mem (mnemonic picture that should help you remember word or phrase).

After i posted my question, I searched.

  • The vocabulary lists on this site include memory cues with their words, to give you tricks and mnemonics to make it much less likely you'll forget the words. - lifehacker

  • In neuroscience, It has been designed to become effective to learn language.

  • You can test.

The reference:


Advertisement said that project is developed by neuroscientis and polyglot. But they develop only platform!

Unfortunately Memrise materials is made by volunteers with variety of skills. And you should investigate what practice from 100...00 available courses is satisfied your needs ))

Another point you should conclude that some learners suggest to build learning cards for SRS yourself (Mistake #1: Not Making your Own Cards). For example you may waste your time on unimportant topic/words.

I uses Anki/AnkiDroid software in order to be independent from platform provider and build word cards myself, but previously have experience with Duolingo & Memrise.

Duolingo worked for me for 2 month to build vocabulary. Next I needed to resign because its level became not enough good for me. Memrise courses do not satisfy my quality assumptions and I do not like proprietary platforms.

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