I am currently learning Spanish and my teacher has told me that one of the best ways to learn the language is to participate, talk as much as possible, and to commit errors. I have looked online for a simple way to do this, but have not been able to thus far. Duolingo is simply vocab, and other sites are just not what I am looking for.

Are there any web sites that connect language learners with native speakers for the purpose of conversation practice?

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I recommend italki. You have a lot of options there, from typical language exchange to paid tuition with professional language teachers. And the latter is relatively cheap, at least in my experience.


I found that verbling and gospeaky are great, with verbling groups you can even create your own practice group or join other groups, it will definitely help you to improve your speaking. Furthermore, you do not need to pay anything if you want just to practice your speaking with other learners or exchange with other native speakers (for example, if you are a native English speaker, you can exchange with native Spanish speakers, so they will help you to learn Spanish and you will help them to learn English).


I've really been enjoying an app on my iPad called Tandem. I think there is a version for Android too.


Another one is MyLanguageExchange.com, (freemium, very reasonable membership fee), and many Spanish speakers interested to exchange Spanish for English. You can search by using different criteria (online-only, in person, gender, etc).

Also, check meetup.com if there is a Spanish learning group in vicinity.


There is also free4talk for free audio chat rooms, the experience varies very heavily though.

A new and possibly even better option is ChatGPT voice, available in the Android/iPhone apps. It works well, but sometimes misunderstands learners with bad accents. And it talks with an American accent in all languages due to their reference voices, which is slightly annoying. But it's still amazing and can ask very deep and nuanced questions on your topics of choice.

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